The Medina explosion marked the Fourth of July. The US Independence Day was celebrated as the Islamic holy month of Ramadan reached its final hours. Suicide attacks ravaged the holy city in Saudi Arabia.

Even though the suicide attacks have not been claimed by any yet, it is believed that ISIS may be behind this. The “modus operandi” goes well with the extremist group’s style of launching such attacks.

ISIS, which claims to protect Islam and its people, has always ended up killing more Muslims than the rest. Moreover, it is prohibited in Islam to get indulged in violence during the holy month of Ramadan. The month is observed for extensive fasting and religious activities.

ISIS, the so-called “protectors of Islam,” apparently does not know what the religion preaches. Or, they don’t care about Islam at all. Their goals are way more political than religious.

A truck exploded in a shopping center in Baghdad, Iraq on July 2. More than 200 were killed and 200 more were injured. Iraq is a predominantly Muslim country. So, most of the victims, if not all, are Muslims. Most of them were children and women.

In the Medina explosion, four security officers died and five others were injured. According to the interior ministry, the suicide bomber was stopped by the security officers outside the Prophet’s Mosque, considered one of the holiest places on earth for Muslims.

Saudi Arabia, one of the strongest US allies in the Middle East, has been a big target for ISIS. The militant organization has been openly critical against Barack Obama and his policies. However, ISIS has something else against the Saudi regime as well.

Many of the top leaders in ISIS are from Saudi Arabia. There are numerous Saudi fighters as well. They believe the Saudi monarchy has “betrayed Islam.”

According to ISIS, the Saudi emergency force plays a big part in torturing the supporters of the organization. According to CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen, ISIS called for attacks during the holy month.

The Medina explosion show once again ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, no matter how much they claim. Violating holy instructions for killing more number of people has hardly anything to do with any religion.