The “Me Before You” director explains that she treated the film with respect for those with disabilities amid harsh criticisms from the campaigners.

Thea Sharrock, the director of the upcoming film “Me Before You,” explained to RTE Ten regarding the alleged disrespect of the film towards people with disabilities.

She said, “If you’re drawn to this kind project, you’re in it for the ride, and all of the cast were incredibly committed to everything that the story is bringing to the screen and everyone understood that despite the kind of, simple love story umbrella theme of it, there are some very delicate, and big and important topics as well.”

“It meant a lot to all of us to get that right and to get the balance of that right,” Sharrock continued.

According to the report, the protesters didn’t like the extreme emphasis on euthanasia and the negative way of the actors portrayed the role of having a disability.

However, Sharrock explained that before Sam Claflin, portraying the role as Will Traynor,  went to filming and portrayed the roles assigned, they went to different hospitals to meet people in wheelchairs.

“Both Sam and I spent a lot of time going to specific hospitals and meeting people in wheelchairs so that we could talk to them, and also spending, crucially, a lot of time with the physios who look after them, who try and help with rehabilitation,” she stated.

She also said that the actors talked with them and spent time with them before the filming took place. In fact, during their filming, a physiologist was with them to make sure everything they do is absolutely correct.

The director mentioned, “We had an amazing physio, Ruth. She was on set with us at all times so we could make sure that at all times Sam was representing himself and how he should be absolutely correct, checking his breathing, how he holds his head, how much movement there was.”

“We were very respectful and it was really important to me to get that right,” she uttered.

Sam Claflin also revealed that he was an emotional wreck because of his role in the film. He stated that he considered Emily Clarke as a ball of energy in the set because he has to be deadpan all throughout the filming, The Bitbag reported.