Virtual reality is now taking shape in the industry, but that doesn’t mean that the trend will only be limited to filmmakers, software developers, and device manufacturers. As a matter of fact, McDonald’s is launching a promotion that wants kids to transform their Happy Meal boxes into virtual reality headsets dubbed as “Happy Goggles.”

McDonald’s Happy Goggles will be rolling out at 14 McDonald’s restaurants across Sweden in the next two weekends (March 5 and March 12). Around 3,500 units will be made available for the restaurants, and each virtual reality headset will retail for about $5.71 (US$4.10) each.

A representative from McDonald’s told Adweek that Sweden will be a test market for the virtual reality headset. If it happens to be a successful product and earn popular demand, it would be most likely that the initiative will reach other regions, potentially including the US.

Happy Goggles is tied to “Sportlov,” a Swedish recreational holiday wherein families go to skiing. In this event, McDonald’s has created a ski-themed virtual reality game entitled “Slope Stars.” It can be used with Happy Goggles, but the game is also available for any mobile VR devices.

“Parents can learn more about their children’s knowledge and experience of the digital world. And purposeful gaming can also be a great joint activity that helps families interact on equal terms,” said McDonald’s Marketing Director in Sweden Jeff Jackett to AdFreak.

Each Happy Meal box will come with perforated lines that you can fold in order to transform it into virtual reality headsets. The bundle will also feature VR lenses, but you’ll have to use your own smartphone to use its features, obviously.

The project is similar to Pizza Hut’s move that turns its pizza boxes into movie projectors. However, virtual reality seems to be a leap ahead.