Do you really need another reason to visit McDonald’s today? The Golden Arches apparently thinks you do.

According to New Zealand Herald, Maccas launched a new McFlurry flavour. The fast food giant would now be selling Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurries in all its Australian branches.

News Australia reports that the new flavour is an homage to the upcoming Easter holiday. It would contain Cadbury’s infamous Creme Eggs. The eggs would be “smashed up and blended into the regular soft serve.” The new dessert would be sold for $4.80.

Despite its bad rep, McDonald’s is not considered the unhealthiest fast food in Australia. Maccas burgers did not made it to the list of unhealthiest fast food items. Researchers previously examined the kilojoule content of 25 Aussie fast food chains. Zambrero Nachos was deemed the worst at  5005 kJ per serving. A Double Quarter Pounder from McDonald’s only has 3570 kJ. This still surpasses the kJ limit among adults. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the recommended amount is no more than 2000 kJ per meal.

A serving of McDonald’s new dessert offering just falls below this. According to News Australia, the new soft serve flavour contains 1610kJ.  This translates to around 383 calories per serving. It also has 56g of sugar. The World Health Organization reportedly recommends just 25g of sugar daily.

The new flavour is “not quite as exotic” as flavours in some other countries, reported News Australia. Singapore reportedly has Durian Crunch. Malaysia has Horlicks (a malted milk drink). Italy has Baci chocolate McFlurry. The United Kingdom meanwhile has an After Eight chocolate mint flavour.

Maccas’s new ice cream flavour would be available in Australia until supplies last. It was previously launched in other countries, like Canada.

Will you try the new McFlurry soon? Let us know what you think of this new flavour.