So you thought that an all-day breakfast was a good idea? McDonald’s employees and customers beg to differ. What seemed like a great idea on paper has led to employee frustration and customer dissatisfaction so far.

According to Mirror, McDonald’s Australia rolled out its ‘All-Day Brekkie’ offerings in 940 stores across the country. However, this has only led to chaos and disorganisation. Some employees even termed it as a ‘nightmare.’

The plan was perfect on paper. Why wouldn’t Aussies love to have a bacon and egg McMuffin or even hash browns all throughout the day? According to Mark Lollback, chief marketing officer of McDonald’s Australia, the introduction of an all-day breakfast menu was a ‘no brainer.’ “We know Aussies love our brekkie menu and have long wanted to be able to enjoy it at any time of the day,” he said.

However, Mashable reports that according to the employees, it just created extra work. They now have to include in their process the time required to prepare the breakfast meals as well as that required for cleaning because the breakfast items use separate ingredients, equipment and processes. Unfortunately, the crew are not given any additional time to process this menu.

Yahoo Finance reveals that the employees vented out their frustration when asked how they managed the all-day breakfast on Reddit.

One employee revealed that it is not advisable to order an all-day breakfast food item after 3 p.m., states “After about 3 p.m., we do cook-to-order breakfast which takes up so much f***ing time. I work at a new store that opened up 4 months ago so space isn’t really an issue, but cleaning the grills to put down sausage is a b****,” the employee said. “Plus sometimes you get lazy (staff) that just cook a bunch of eggs and then use that for the next five hours. In my opinion, do NOT order all-day breakfast after 3 p.m. because you don’t know what you’re going to get, some of my co-workers disgust me,” the employee added.

It is not just the employees who are talking. Customers too have criticised Maccas for poor service and a lower quality of the food served after the introduction of all-day breakfast.

However, Maccas issued an official statement which explained that an all-day brekkie was the number one request from Australians for a while and the company received a positive response to the national rollout. “Just like with any new product launch, we work closely with our restaurants and crew to ensure they have the training and support they need,” a Maccas spokeswoman stated.

“We’ve now had the concept in some states for more than six months; it’s running smoothly and has been received well by both our customers and crew,” she added.