Masterchef Australia has honed some of the finest chefs in town. Contestants were grilled along with their dishes cooked with tears, hope, perspiration and frustration. Despite these hardships, the following success stories from previous contenders prove that Masterchef Australia can be the best stepping stone for a budding chef.

Billie McKay, Season 7 Winner

Fresh from her Masterchef Australia win last season, Billie McKay is currently in London sharpening her cooking skills in the Heston Blumenthal’s renowned The Fat Duck. She also writes for a food magazine on her time off. From a restaurant manager to working for a Michelin-star restaurant, opportunities are still on the rise for Billie McKay.

Adam Liaw, Season 2 Winner

Since winning in 2010, he has since gone on to explore the flavors of various destinations in his Destination Flavour show. From Japan to Australia and New Zealand and Scandinavia, Adam has traveled these countries on a culinary adventure. He shows the food specialties of these places alongside the cultural sights and landscapes.

Julie Goodwin, Season 1 Winner

Julie Goodwin paved the way for all the chef hopefuls. She has since conquered television and radio. From being a staple at a daily morning show to discussing breakfast options on the radio, Julie Goodwin has won the good life. She is currently minding her own cooking class academy named Julie’s Place while hosting her breakfast show on the radio.

Poh Ling Yeow, Season 1 Runner up

Just because one did not win the top spot in MasterChef Australia does not mean one will go home in tears. Poh Ling Yeow’s spectacular television career is an example. After losing to Julie Goodwin, Poh moved on to star in her own television cooking show called Poh’s Kitchen. The show went on to have three seasons. Poh then experimented a bit with a comedy series before going back to another cooking show called Poh & Co.

Based on these MasterChef Australia success stories, the Season 8 lot will surely have so much in store for them after the show. MasterChef Australia Season 8 finale is on its way. Find out who the top 3 contenders are for the finale here.