It was team challenge day yesterday on yet another episode of “MasterChef Australia.” Red team captain Zoe, who suffered a near panic attack, went home already?

“MasterChef Australia” contestants were split into red and blue teams to serve up a Greek feast at George Calombaris’ very own Hellenic Republic. The pressure to get the dishes done and out on time was enough to transform the usually cool Zoe into a wreck.

Did she go home because she was unable to face pressure? She didn’t go home yesterday, but if she doesn’t clear the eliminations today, she will have to.

“MasterChef Australia” contestants had to cook for judge Calombaris’ friends and family. To add to the pressure, it was announced that his mother was the guest judge for the day, states Daily Mail. “She doesn’t mince her words! If she doesn’t like something, you’ll know about it,” said Calombaris. “The guests will be here in three hours … don’t make them wait,” he added.

Woman’s Day reveals that the judge’s mom, Mary, had made an appearance on the show back in 2013. She was to have the final say on who faces eliminations in yesterday’s episode.

As a captain, Zoe was already nervous. She also admitted to being scared at the very start. Things went further downhill for her and the team when the mains were requested before they were even cooked. She lost her calm when she realized that the guests had waited for fifteen minutes already.

However, “MasterChef Australia” viewers were very supportive of Zoe. They wanted her to stay calm as she told her team to “Get those in the oven, asap! I’m having a complete panic attack!” A Twitter fan, Diana Masa, tweeted, “Zoe calm down, just remember how your mom has taught you for the last 20 years.”

Amidst all the cooking, she realized that Cecilia was doing all the desserts by herself. “I’m so proud of everybody on our team, but the hero of today is definitely Cecilia. She was such a trooper doing three desserts by herself,” said Zoe.

Despite giving a tough competition to the blue team, it was the doughnuts that let them down. Too much cinnamon was their undoing and the team will face eliminations today.

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