“MasterChef Australia” Season 8 premiered on Aussie television screens yesterday and viewers weren’t disappointed. The fight to get the coveted apron was tough. However, judges don’t want things to get bigger this season.

The show which is set to feature 2015 winner Billie McKay and Reynold Poernomo will also star Maggie Beer, Curtis Stone, Kylie Kwong, Anna Polyviou, Luke Nguyen, Peter Gilmore, and Ross Lusted in the coming episodes. The current season will also have weeks dedicated to reputed chefs Nigella Lawson, Marco Pierre White, and Heston Blumenthal.

However, despite the stellar appearances, judges Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan said that they don’t want the show to get bigger and better, informs News.com.au. Instead, the show will be smaller and more real. “I don’t like the ‘bigger and better’. We’re over trying to do that,” said Mehigan.

Preston quickly chipped in, saying it has been tempting, but for the judges, bigger means something else. “Ever since season six, the return of MasterChef has been about making it smaller and more real, not bigger and better, there’s a temptation to overdo everything and the essence of MasterChef is very reasonable, it’s to find people who have tangible food dreams and are good cooks and try and turn that into a future career,” said Preston.

“The bigger this year is how hard we look for the contestants to find the right people and the better is really good, passionate cooks and allowing them the space to cook,” he added.

Yesterday’s episode of “MasterChef Australia” was fuss free. The judges made their choices quickly. ANN had earlier reported about the candidates who made it to the Top 24. Yesterday’s episode saw Matt Sinclair get the apron despite cooking the ‘death dish’ risotto. News.com.au states that siblings Theresa Visintin and Jimmy Wong too made it to the Top 24. Visintin wowed the judges with her dessert. On the other hand, her brother Wong took the judges for a “walk in his Japanese garden” with his fish dish.