Con Vailas, Matt Sinclair, and Charlie Sartori had to bake the ultimate cake to survive in “MasterChef Australia.” Unfortunately, Con’s pound cake did not make the cut and the restaurant supervisor had to leave the competition.

The blue team arrived at the “MasterChef Australia” kitchen. They had a tough task ahead of them that involved cakes. Those who could name the cakes were safe. Others faced eliminations, which involved baking one. Con’s cake did not impress the judges and he had to leave the competition. However, he feels that there are a few contestants who can win.

“The rules are pretty simple. Choose a cake, give us the name of the cake we are looking for and you continue in the challenge. But get it wrong, and you are straight into round two,” announced Matt Preston. “You don’t want to be in round two. That’s one step closer to going home,” he added.

The contestants had to choose a cake, cut a slice, taste it, and name it. Unfortunately, Matt, Charlie, and Con got some of the names wrong and had to face the round two challenge. They had to bake a cake to save themselves from eliminations.

“MasterChef Australia” contestant Matt Sinclair was safe with his carrot cake with candied walnuts, states Daily Mail. Unfortunately, Con’s pound cake had everything going against it. For starters, it is supposed to be baked at a lower temperature. Lawson pointed out his baking mistake while wondering if he had anything else up his sleeve.

“No, a pound cake you have to cook really low,” instructed Lawson. “You need to be getting a cake that will cook fast. You know, a pound cake is a low, even temperature. So what’s your plan? What are you making instead?” she added. But there was no plan B and Con was sent home.

However, the restaurant supervisor is not disappointed, states Sunshine Coast Daily. He is married and has moved to Hobart to start his own café there. “My time on ‘MasterChef’ made me really driven to go out there and do something. We want to bring Hobart a little piece of Melbourne with food that’s a bit upmarket but not too scary,” said Con.

“We also want to locally source all our produce and be as self-sufficient as possible. We’ve got a herb garden out the back and we’re thinking about starting a communal garden next door,” he added.

Looking back at the contestants, Con feels that there are a few dark horses out there but Matt Sinclair is a serious contender for the trophy. “I’ve honestly never seen someone of his calibre in what you’d call a home cook. I hope he wins,” he said.