The final three has been revealed, and it seems that Elena Dugan could be the MasterChef Australia 2016 winner as the judges were all praises for her in the previous episode.

During the semifinal round of the cooking competition, Elena pleased the judges with her crab, apple and cauliflower dish. Judge George Colombaris told Elena: “What would the world be without you in this competition?” Meanwhile, Gary Mehigan gushed over her dish and said it made him happy.

The episode started with a mystery box that contained ingredients personally chosen by their family members and friends. The four home cooks also received some letters from home. Elena easily won the challenge after Calombaris, Mehigan and Matt Preston were obviously pleased with her cooking as they scraped her plate clean.  She automatically went straight to the semi-finals after winning the mystery box challenge.

Meanwhile, Elise Franciskovic could blame her fiancé for picking the wrong gelatin for her vanilla and thyme panna cotta.

Elise joined Matt Sinclair and Harry Foster in the second round to decide who would be sent home. The three were given an open pantry and an hour to create a dish in which they will use a particular technique. However, the 28-year-old pharmacy technician from Queensland decided to play safe and made parfaits again. At the end, Elise’s aerated chocolate parfait, orange sorbet and jelly did not impress the judges as it turned out to be too icy.  The judges also questioned whether her dish was good enough at the current stage of the competition. Elise could not help but cry.

The top three – Elena, Matt and Harry – will next face a two-course service pressure test for 20 customers, noted. This challenge will decide who among them with make it to Grand Finals.

Who will be MasterChef Australia 2016 winner?

Matt could be Elena’s toughest competition. Time and again, he impresses the judges with his dishes. In the last challenge, the judges loved his sorbet. Guest judge Matt Moran told Sinclair that he has skills that they expect from a real MasterChef.

Stay tune to find out who will be the next MasterChef Australia 2016 winner