“MasterChef Australia” has picked its Top 24! The amateur cooks faced their first biggest challenge, the mystery box, in yesterday’s episode. The first ever mystery box of the season was assembled by none other than Billie McKay.

Episode 4 of the hit food show “MasterChef Australia” invited previous season winner Billie McKay to choose a set of her favourite ingredients. These were presented to the Top 24 candidates in their first ever mystery box challenge.

Mckay’s choice was based on her food journey. Her choices reflected her time on the show’s last season. It also hinted at her “The Fat Duck” experience, informs International Business Times. The box’s unique mix included cornflakes, mushrooms, black tea leaves, sago, ginger wine, beetroot, fennel, and the fat duck.

McKay revealed that she could relate to the contestants on the show. “It was actually a really nice feeling knowing that I had been in their shoes and I knew exactly how they were feeling,” said McKay in Q&A with Ten. “They looked so nervous and I could so easily relate to that. Offering them advice and going through that whole challenge with them was pretty special,” she added.

She encouraged the Top 24 and advised them to surrender themselves to the whole experience. McKay’s presence surely worked wonders with the contestants. While some had the “pinch me” moment, others only hoped to match her performance.

News.com.au reveals that the current crop of contestants is as diverse a group as can be. There is an airline captain, a professional golfer, a pharmacy technician, a park ranger and many other interesting people fighting it out in the “MasterChef Australia” kitchens.

Judge Gary Mehigan laid out the instructions and warned them, saying, “One of you will be going home tomorrow. Don’t let it be you,” as McKay flagged off the competition with “Your time starts now.”