“Masterchef Australia” 2016 welcomed a new batch of amateur chefs to its professional kitchen. Season 8 is particularly special as it could duplicate the outcome of “My Kitchen Rules” with the victory of a formidable sibling duo.

Nineteen hopefuls will fight for the title of “Masterchef Australia” 2016, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. As always, the backgrounds of the contestants are notably varied. However, no one’s backstory could possibly compete with Cecilia Vuong.

Vuong is back to make her mark. The aspirant left Season 6 due to a head injury that she sustained prior to entering the competition. Hence, the publication noted the other contestants would have to bring on their saddest childhood anecdotes to stand out.

However, that might not be necessary for two of this season’s contestants. News.com.au noted the entry of another pair of amateur cook siblings who could possibly give Tasia and Gracia of “My Kitchen Rules” a run for their money.

Theresa Visintin and Jimmy Wong are siblings. They were raised in Sydney but now live in different parts of the world. Visintin stays in Canada while Wong lives in Singapore. Both went home to Australia for a chance to win “Masterchef Australia,” the publication reported.

They won their respective aprons for the creative dishes they prepared for the judges. However, unlike Tasia and Gracia on “My Kitchen Rules,” Visintin and Wong would be competing against one another.

Brother and sister agreed “there’s no other show like Masterchef Australia” yet Wong revealed some good old-fashioned sibling rivalry could possibly bring the siblings to the finals. Audiences would have to stay tuned to see if they both make it all the way to the end.

“We’re in a competition to win this, we’re both going to give it everything we have,” Wong said.

This season promises to be “smaller and more real” according to the judges. The Australian noted its difference from “My Kitchen Rules.” Although MKR is widely popular, contestants from “Masterchef Australia” go on to have “solid careers” in the culinary world because of the show.