Karmen Lu, Olivia Robinson, and Chloe Bowles were battling it out in the pressure test in the latest episode of “MasterChef Australia.” They had to recreate dessert king Reynold Poernomo’s signature dish named “Moss” to stay in the competition. So, who survived “the Moss?”

It was a really difficult pressure test. “MasterChef Australia” alum and restaurateur Reynold Poernomo returned to the kitchen to test the three contestants with his intricate dessert. Karmen, Olivia, and Chloe had to recreate Poernomo’s signature dessert in two and a half hours but they were given an extra 10 minutes for plating it. The dessert had 10 elements and a seven-page recipe.

“We’ve looked at it and Gary’s line was ‘Oh that looks like a finale dish!’” said Matt Preston about the dessert. “So, keep those nerves under control,” he advised the contestants.

“This is one of the signature dishes and I reckon it is one of my favourite dishes too,” said Reynold Poernomo, while unveiling his dish. “So today, you’ll be cooking my dessert — ‘Moss,’” he added.

The test was a bit too much for the contestants. Karmen had problems with making the mousse part of the dessert so she had to work on it again. On the other hand, Olivia didn’t have enough time to remove her matcha balls from the blast freezer, states Daily Mail.

“I realise I’ve left my matcha balls in the blast chiller. So, I start to run over to get it … and I slip and I stacked it,” she said. “Time’s up my matcha balls are in the freezer and I’m really worried,” she added.

The test saw Olivia being eliminated from “MasterChef Australia.” Yahoo News wonders if Poernomo felt mean by setting a task so difficult. “Actually, I wanted to do something a bit more extreme but they told me to tone it down a little bit,” he revealed. “So I actually had to pick the easiest dish I could come up with,” he added.