The Sunday night episode of “MasterChef Australia” has raised the curiosity quotient for the viewers. The end of the show reveal had contestants and fans gasping over versions of the “classic Eton Mess.”

The bottom three contestants from Maggie Beer’s mystery box challenge will face the ultimate pressure test today. They will have to recreate pastry chef Anna Polyviou’s own version of the classic Eton Mess. She calls it “Anna’s Mess” though one of the participants rightly renamed it as the Death Star.

Charlie, Harry, and Elise will go head to head in today’s pressure test to recreate Polyviou’s dessert. The complicated dish consists of 74 steps and has taken many weeks to test and modify it for the chef and her team, states Sydney Morning Herald.

“When we make it at work, it can take us three or four days because we’re doing different components at a time. Condensing it down to three hours was really hard,” revealed Polyviou. “We spent quite a while on it, testing the flavors, adding elements and checking, how does it look,” she added.

However, the pressure test contestants need not be stressed. Polyviou looks forward to helping them if they buckle down with stress. And if the past few tests are any indication, there will be some waterworks for sure.

“MasterChef Australia” has been continuously raising the bar for its contestants.

Yesterday’s episode with the ever popular Maggie Beer saw some twists too. Instead of a mystery box, the episode started with an invention test where contestants had to hero one of three ingredients: abalone, silken tofu, and lemongrass.

Despite coming in very high in the invention test, Harry couldn’t ace the mystery box. Daily Mail informs that it was bad for Elise too who joined the bottom three after Nicolette used her immunity pin. Charlie also failed to impress with his dish which consisted of a very dry flat bread.

The pressure is really on and it is now just a matter of time till we know who survived the Death Star challenge.