The kitchen is certainly heating up in “MasterChef Australia” this season as judge Nigella Lawson came close to breaking a contestant’s head with a pan.

The famous British chef took over Tuesday’s episode and challenged three contestants to create a midnight snack in half an hour, The Sydney Morning Herald reported. Nigella Lawson is famous for her midnight trips to the kitchen. With the help of judge Matt Preston, they roused immunity contestants Harry Foster, Karmen Lu, and Mimi Baines out of bed, the publication added.

Lawson’s challenge sounded easy. However, it would have to satisfy her particular palate, the publication noted. “Well, you have to be bold,” says Lawson. “Obviously nothing too delicate. It has to feel like a party and it has to feel like a snatched pleasure,” Lawson said as she stated her expectations.

Harry made a “brookie,” a cross between a brownie and a cookie, Mimi opted for a brioche French toast with maple bacon, and Karmen delivered fried chicken with waffles and maple chili syrup, the publication wrote. Harry struggled to put his snack together and became visibly stressed when his “brookies” weren’t cooking fast. His anxiety might have rubbed off on Lawson who pressed him to hurry it up, Mail Online revealed.

“Harry, some urgency. Harry, you’re panicking me. You’re going too slow. Just do something with it,” Lawson said. Harry’s answer that he was thinking didn’t sit well with the British chef.

“You haven’t got time to think too much. You’re panicking me. You’ve got to get it on a plate,” Lawson added. Harry won the immunity challenge in spite of his “brookies” dilemma and the possible concussion he would have received from Lawson.

“When I saw you doing a quenelle when you were meant to be attending to your brookies, I nearly came and hit you over the head with one of those pans. I’m finding it all too easy to go back in for more. Three really great dishes, but one winner. Despite nearly giving me a nervous breakdown, Harry,” Lawson said.

Sadly, Harry lost out by one point to South Australian chef Lachlan Colwill in the Christmas dessert challenge, the publication wrote. The presence of Nigella Lawson is shaking things up on “MasterChef Australia” 2016.