“MasterChef Australia” contestant Nicolette Stathopoulos not only won the invention test, but also the immunity pin in yesterday’s episode of the cooking competition.

The youngest contestant had to battle Con Vailas and Anastasia Zolotarev in an invention test with popcorn as the key ingredient. She chose to make a dessert and play to her strengths. She made a popcorn parfait with popcorn crumb, caramel popcorn, and butter gel. “The popcorn is the star of the dish. So it’s really important that it has got as much popcorn flavour as possible,” said Nicolette.

Her dessert made sure she was picked to battle professional chef Braden White in a cook-off. “I love popcorn. I love going to the movies. I love buttered popcorn, I love lightly salted and sweet popcorn. I love everything about popcorn,” said Nicolette.

Braden White is the head chef of APO, Brisbane and the former executive chef of Ricky’s River Bar, informs Sunshine Coast Daily. He was the only one standing between her and the immunity pin. He decided to make a mulloway with white onion puree in his cook-off with the “MasterChef Australia” contestant, informs Daily Mail

Choosing to cook a salmon, Nicolette started working on her dish. “I am going up against a professional chef today. If any of my elements aren’t perfect, I won’t be getting that pin,” said the girl. She lost her 15-minute advantage just by filleting the salmon.

However, it was not just the “MasterChef Australia” contestant who was feeling the heat. Chef White too had his reputation at stake. “I need this fish to be perfect. If I win today, I get to walk out of this kitchen with my head held high,” said White.

In a blind test, Nicolette’s confit salmon with crispy skin won over chef White’s mulloway with just a point and the show gave her the immunity pin.

“You should be laughing, smiling and happy, because this is amazing,” said judge George Calombaris, “You deserve it. You won it fair and square. And now you’re going to learn about how powerful this pin really is,” he added.