Miles Pritchett was eliminated in a lucky dip following the team challenge in the latest episode of “MasterChef Australia.” Despite hitting a speed break on his culinary ambitions, Pritchett believes he has hit the jackpot.

Miles Pritchett, who is out of “MasterChef Australia” after yesterday’s eliminations, believes that he has hit the jackpot after reconnecting with Tania Martin, whom he will marry in December this year.

Pritchett thought he had a winner when he scooped up “Japanese” and “fish” in the lucky dip challenge. The eliminations saw the losing team members pick one card from two bags with the judges. The bags gave them a cuisine and a hero ingredient. However, he failed to impress the judges, resulting in his elimination.

According to Daily Mail, the park ranger was very happy with the cards in his hands as he has lived in Japan for a few years with his Japanese ex-wife and kids. His son, Lois, is a Japanese chef. “’I definitely want to showcase my skills in Japanese cuisine, but it’s a lot of pressure,” he said. states that he had too much on his plate and this had the judges and other contestants worried. Pritchett’s dish was about presenting the salmon in three ways such as cured, pickled, and sashimi-style. However, his snap decision about adding tempura veggies let him down as he had to ditch the last component of his fish dish.

“I thought I’d pulled a rabbit out of a hat when I got Japanese and fish — I was on top of the world — and would have a crack at turning out something sensational. It turned out to be too far into my comfort zone,” revealed Pritchett. “Nerves and expectations got better of me. It was all a bit overwhelming. Throughout the whole cook I had (visions of) my kids sitting on my shoulder yelling at me ‘don’t do it that way dad,’” he added.

Despite eliminations, Miles has his eyes on a new life with his partner and former colleague Tania Martin. The two intend to tie the knot sometime in December. He also plans to open a café in Queensland soon.

“We hadn’t seen each other for 14 years and it turned into a whirlwind romance. It is absolutely sensational and we’re looking forward to getting married at the end of the year. The plans are in the pipeline,” he said.