The heat inside the “MasterChef Australia” kitchen considerably rose last Wednesday as the typically cool chef Curtis Stone lost his temper.

The famed Australian chef wasn’t happy with Matt Sinclair and his teammate Heather Day during his recent degustation challenge, Mail Online reported. Stone’s anger might have reached the boiling point, as he had strong words to say about the team’s poor performance.

“Matt! Heather! What is going on? That takes 12 minutes to cook and the same time to rest, and you haven’t even got it all in the pan. You guys had better pray that these guys are slow. You guys have a responsibility to make up the time and get this food out. When I say ‘now’, I mean now, now, now, now, now,” Stone yelled.

For Stone’s six-course degustation challenge, the team had to cook the crispy skin duck breast with fennel and orange dish. Sinclair confessed his own disappointment over what happened and hoped for the best with the “MasterChef Australia” judges.

“I thought we’d got a good half an hour. I don’t know what’s happened… in all of the confusion, I’ve lost track of which duck went in first, came out last, rested the longest. You know, I’m just hoping that there’s not a lot of inconsistencies across the board,” the publication quoted Sinclair from his video.

Even with their mishap in the kitchen, Sinclair and Day lived to cook another day as the judges had some favorable words for their dish, IBTimes wrote. George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan, and Matt Preston praised their flavor combinations despite their overcooked duck.

Ironically, Sinclair seemed to be the strongest contender this season according to fellow contestant Theresa Visintin. His interpretation of the Quail Afternoon Tea even led to her elimination. Sinclair also proved his mettle when tasked to bake the ultimate cake. His opponent Con Vailas, who lost the challenge and eventually left the competition, also pegged him as a serious runner for the “MasterChef Australia” trophy.