Yesterday’s pressure test saw “MasterChef Australia” contestant Theresa Visintin being eliminated. The only contestant who can make the perfect duck parfait believes that fellow contestant Matt is on the right track and is oozing with confidence, making him a strong contender for the trophy.

Yesterday’s episode of “MasterChef Australia” had the bottom three contestants cooking Michelin star chef Jason Atherton’s dish called Quail Afternoon Tea. The complicated recipe which had 50 steps and 44 ingredients had Brett, Charlie, and Theresa in panic. However, it was Visintin who went home as her plate lacked some of the elements of the dish.

She received some great comments from the judges for her cooking, states Daily Mail. “That parfait is as good as any I’ve had in Australia,” said Matt Preston. But a forgotten quail egg and a tea bag was all that was needed to push her out of the show.

“I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to shine the way I hoped to, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t continue shining,” said Visintin, controlling her tears.

It might be the end of the road for “MasterChef Australia,” but not for her food journey. According to Pop Sugar Australia, Visintin followed her brother Jimmy Wong to get experience at Reynold Poernomo’s Koi. Additionally, she has also been learning from Ava Stangherlin and Nellie Robinson.

Sunshine Coast Daily states that Visintin is now over the elimination and looking at the future. “You can’t go back and change it, so there’s no point dwelling on it. I’m very grateful and I have no regrets,” she said. “Food is now my priority for sure. I want to get all these recipes out of my head and on to a media (platform) of some sort, whether it be YouTube or my website. Then whatever comes from that would be great,” she added.

However, when it comes to guessing the top contenders to the trophy, like Con Vailas, she believes that Matt Sinclair is the strong one. “Matt, at this stage, is blowing us away with his confidence. He is one of the most confident cooks I have met, which is something that’s really inspirational. He knows what he likes to eat and what he wants to cook,” she said.