The heat inside the “MasterChef Australia” kitchen will likely go higher but not for culinary reasons.

Teen chef Flynn McGarry, described as “the Justin Bieber of cooking,” joins “MasterChef Australia” tonight, reported. Contestants will take on the task of recreating the McGarry’s 62-step Beet Wellington within two and a half hours, the publication noted. The publication described it as a “sophisticated dish” and cited McGarry’s own concern about how contestants will manage to finish in such a short amount of time.

“I don’t know how the MasterChef contestants do it. The pressure that they are put under, I was shocked. They’re home cooks but the way the pressure tests are set up is like working in a restaurant. There are time constraints, people are yelling at you, and you have to overcome that,” McGarry said.

Despite his young age, McGarry certainly understands the pressures of working in a restaurant kitchen. The 17-year-old has worked in fine dining restaurants at some of the key cities of the world like Chicago, Copenhagen and Oslo, the Sunshine Coast Daily revealed. His choice of career might be odd for a young man his age yet McGarry is passionate about food. He started at age 11 by hosting supper clubs, which he called “Eureka,” in his parent’s home.

“What I’m doing is not normal (for people my age) but it’s normal to me. Food is the only thing I want to do,” McGarry said. He has embraced his culinary style that’s been described as progressive American.

“The progressive part is about the fact that every week it’s changing. It gives me the freedom to change what I’m doing in food. At the moment I’m into really enhancing vegetables and pulling as much flavor out of them as possible and presenting them in ways that look familiar but taste a lot different,” McGarry revealed. While he’s excited about his pressure test challenge on “MasterChef Australia,” the Justin Bieber lookalike feels bad at the prospect of elimination at the end of the show, the Herald Sun wrote.

“Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan have a really interesting rapport. They mess around. They make you feel really comfortable and at home. It is a really daunting thing — judging (contestants’ dishes). I had never really done anything like that. It was really stressful,” McGarry said. Flynn McGarry is the latest celebrity chef to grace the “MasterChef Australia” kitchen after Nigella Lawson, Curtis Stone, and Marco Pierre White.