Nigella Lawson dished out the ultimate pressure test in the latest episode of “MasterChef Australia.” While all three contestants faltered, it was Jimmy Wong who ultimately had to hang up his apron. However, he is thankful for his exit as he won’t have to battle with his sister ahead in the show.

Lawson’s pressure test was the toughest one in the series so far. “MasterChef Australia” contestants Jimmy Wong, Miles Pritchett, and Chloe Bowles were tasked with recreating three dishes in just an hour. A crab avocado salad, lamb with radishes and peas, and the final, coffee panna cotta with coffee sauce, were on the menu. It was literally a race against time, one which Jimmy Wong lost.

Despite having the best panna cotta of the day, it was the lamb which let Jimmy down, informs Daily Mail. “There were just too many mistakes, the worst of which was your lamb. It was inedible,” explained judge Gary Mehigan. Things went downhill for him when he made his first major mistake while preparing the panna cotta.

Having lost too much time already, he didn’t get to cook his lamb properly. Even though the judges were not impressed by his plates, Matt Preston seemed to love the silky textured dessert. “This is the panna cotta that I’ve been waiting for,” said Preston. “One that is silky, one that has the flavour balance and one that potentially is enough to save him?” he added.

Save it did not and Wong had to leave the competition. “It was a strange feeling because I wanted to stay but that would mean one of them would be in trouble. It was weird to be in that position,” said Wong. However, though a bit sad, Wong is thankful that he does not have to compete with sister Theresa. “That would have been horrible. It’s a lot of pressure with or without my sister, but it would have been incredibly hard to be up against her. Instead, I had her cheering me on. I could hear her voice and that helped me a lot,” he added.

According to Sunshine Coast Daily, after his “MasterChef Australia” stint, Wong is still on his food journey. He grabbed work experience from some of Sydney’s top eateries including Quay, Icebergs, Marque and Flour, and Stone. Starting tomorrow, he will start on his new paid job at the Chippendale dessert bar Koi with another MasterChef alum, Reynold Poernomo.

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