All Aussie food lovers are just jealous of those living in Melbourne and why not? After all, famous chef Heston Blumenthal chose this vivacious city to open his Dinner by Heston earlier. Now, the guru of British gastronomy and “MasterChef Australia” judge has returned to Melbourne. He is teasing Aussie foodies with a food treasure hunt of sorts.

Network Ten’s “MasterChef Australia” and Heston Blumenthal are joining forces to create one of the most exclusive dining events in the world for 2016, reveals an official statement. The event includes the opening of four pop-up restaurants in Melbourne starting early March. These pop-ups will be a part of the “Heston Week” on Network Ten’s “MasterChef Australia.” reports that the pop-ups are going to be exclusive and will offer only one service. This means getting the tickets to the event will be next to impossible. We might even witness long waits and serpentine queues like there were for the In-N-Out Burger Pop-Up Store in Sydney.

There is more. Each pop-up will offer a unique and a completely different dining experience to Aussie foodies. Their locations are top secret right now and clues to the location will be given just before each restaurant’s doors open to the public.

Now here is the challenge part. Clues to the pop-ups will not be easily available. The “MasterChef Australia” website elaborates that the clues are a closely-guarded secret. They will only be available on “MasterChef Australia’s” official social media accounts. The website says that to be in the running, fans must solve the cryptic clue and explain why they want to attend in 25 words or less.

“Melbourne has become like a second home since Dinner by Heston opened. Coming on ‘MasterChef Australia’ over the years has always been amazing fun, but this time, out of the studio and into this great foodie city that I love, popping-up with ‘MasterChef Australia’ is even more exciting,” informed Blumenthal.

At this point, it does not matter whether you are the lucky foodie who has spent hundreds on Dinner by Heston or whether you are a budget foodie. All that will matter is whether you have the golden ticket.