“MasterChef Australia” 2016 judge George Calombaris earned the ire of viewers for his unsavory joke towards guest chef Heston Blumenthal.

Calombaris raised a few eyebrows when he said he wanted to hold hands with Blumenthal, Mail Online reported. He made the request in response to Blumenthal’s description of Mimi and Elena’s dish called “Sea Stars.”

“For me it was this thing about sitting under the stars and taking inspiration, talking and connecting, that kind of almost an energy and this plate is giving us an energy,” Blumenthal said.

“I just want to hold hands,” Calombaris said in what could’ve been an attempt at male bonding on “MasterChef Australia,” the publication noted. Blumenthal looked confused and seemed panicked at what Calombaris would do next. Meanwhile, judge Matt Preston went on savoring the dish but did appear amused by the whole thing.

Viewers slammed Calombaris’ awkward offer as they quickly took to social media to voice their opinions. @DSLZ82 suggested the “MasterChef Australia” judge had a serious crush on Blumenthal but noted the latter wasn’t “feeling it.” Meanwhile @hierohero cringed at the proposition.

Twitter user @_theodorah became confused as to what program she was watching and wondered if she’d tuned in to “The Bachelor” by mistake. @fearless23 was also shocked by the turn of events but couldn’t help laughing anyway.

This isn’t the first time that “MasterChef Australia” fans called out the judge for his strange actions on the show. Viewers made fun of Calombaris as he struggled to prove a point with Matt Sinclair’s bite-sized beef teriyaki dish for the Gourmet Cinema Challenge, Mail Online reported in a previous post. @bowie_in_space described his act as “ridiculous and so dramatic,” the publication noted. While @hope_rhiley disagreed entirely with Calombaris’ point about the size of the portions.

His hand-to-mouth coordination also came into question. Hence, @bebutch wondered if it was safe for Calombaris to hold a fork. Meanwhile @caitiejayne likened him to an intoxicated teen who found it hard to eat fries.

“MasterChef Australia” welcomed celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal as this week’s guest judge, News.com.au reported. Contestants will certainly feel the heat in the kitchen with the challenges that Blumenthal is about to serve. Their first task is a “two-course meal for 80 diners on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel,” the publication revealed.

“Heston Week” also features the four pop-up restaurants the culinary rock star intends to open in Melbourne. Heston Blumenthal offered Billie McKay “MasterChef Australia” 2015 winner a job at his restaurant “The Fat Duck.”