From 24 home cooks, now it is down to only two – Elena Dugan and Matt Sinclair – in the MasterChef Australia 2016 finale.

Harry Foster failed to make it to the finals Monday night after he created an Italian dish rather that his usual Asian-inspired food. In the end, his main course kingfish and lobster cannelloni with lobster sauce did not please the judges’ palate.

Matt and Elena will come face-to-face for the 100-point Grand Finals, which is divided into three different challenges.

In the first round, which is worth 30 points, the contestant will have to create a dish based on a single hero ingredient for 60 minutes. Thirty points is also at stake in round two, where Matt and Elena will create their main course. However, this time, there will be no rules. They can choose any cuisine, any style and any ingredients from the pantry.

Finally, in the last round, the two contestants will recreate a dessert mastered by Heston Blumenthal and his head chef at Dinner by Heston, Ashley Palmer-Watts. This is a five-and-a-half hour cook off that is worth 40 points.

Of the two remaining contestants, it is Matt who has strong evidence that he will emerge as victor in the competition. The home cook recently shared some images on his Instagram account that suggest he already won the title. In the photos, Matt showed that he attended the Regional Flavours Launch in Brisbane festival with some MasterChef alums.

If the photos prove that Matt is the winner, how did he beat Elena?  

Elena is also a master of main course. She can make a simple ingredient a luscious dish.

Matt is very good with desserts; so is Elena. The 27-year-old coffee roaster from Queensland managed to replicate pastry chef Christy Tania’s Mistique cake. However, Elena did not join the challenge at the time since she already secured a guaranteed spot in the finals. Speaking of desserts, who can forget Elena’s sorbet with lavender? The dessert challenge in the finale is worth 40 points.

Who will follow in MasterChef Australia 2015 Grand Finals winner Billie McKay’s footsteps?

Let’s find out when the MasterChef Australia 2016 finale kicks off on Tuesday (July 26) at 7:30 pm on Channel Ten. The grand winner will be announced on Wednesday (July 27), the last day of the two-night finale. The winner of MasterChef Australia 2016 will take home $250,00 cash and their own magazine column.