Fans of good food out there, rejoice! “MasterChef” Australia is set to hit the TV screens anytime now. Channel Ten is tweeting about the contestants and setting the stage for their culinary journey. If their tweets are anything to go by, then the top 24 contestants are the best group ever.

For instance, there is the West Australian waitress, Karmen Lu. She has wowed the trio of judges by her amazingly delish chocolate delicacies. Then there is coffee roaster Matt Sinclair from Noosa who tried to impress judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, and Matt Preston with a risotto, states Daily Mail.

There is also Nidhi Mahajan, a call centre worker from Adelaide. According to Popsugar Australia, the girl has Chef Marco Pierre White’s approval when it came to the use of spices. On the other hand, a student named Michaela Johansson from NSW attempted to take a stab at the croquembouche in just an hour. Ambitious or foolhardy? That will only be known when we see her on the telly.


Sibling rivalry reached new heights when the brother-sister duo of Jimmy Wong and Theresa Visintin from NSW went head to head for the “MasterChef” apron. Victoria’s high school teacher Cecelia Vuong got her second chance to compete on the show after she had to pull out two years ago on account of a head injury. Aussie bloke Miles Pritchett from Queensland, on the other hand, has his hopes on a pie to impress the judges states, Popsugar Australia.

International chefs par excellence such as Heston Blumenthal, Marco Pierre White, and Nigella Lawson will join Mehigan, Calombaris, and Preston as guest judges on the show. They will judge the contestants in the run-up to the title.

“MasterChef” Australia will return to Aussie TV screens on its eighth season. While the telecast dates have not been released, according to the website, the season will take the best of what has been before to combine it with exciting challenges and international names.

May the best person win!