MasterChef Australia 2016 contestants Harry Poster and Mimi Barnes sparked dating speculations after they posted sweet messages for each other on social media.

The Aussie cooking competition wrapped up a few months ago but the two remain close friends, along with fellow contestant Nicolette Stathopoulos. In their most recent photo on Barnes’ Instagram account, the three were seen car pooling.

Speculations that Foster and Barnes are dating started in July when they exchanged tweets about The Bachelor 2016 Australia. One fan even suggested the two go out on a date. Barnes agreed and posted a GIF of the Little Mermaid nodding her head. The next day, they teased their fans further when the 21-year-old cocktail bartender shared a “Thinking of you” message with a kissing emoji. Barnes replied, “Wish you were in Melbourne” with a kissing emoji, too.

In August, Barnes shared a picture of Foster wearing a shirt from her clothing label Sunday Sweats. The messages of the two further fueled speculations that they are dating.

When Bae wears your tshirt 😘 @hazfos @sunday.sweats

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Foster also posted a behind-the-scene shot of him and the 26-year-old product manager while filming MasterChef Australia 2016 at the underground car park of the University of Melbourne. He simply used a kissing emoji to caption the image, while Barnes replied with some pink hearts. The photo was taken during a team challenge in MasterChef Australia 2016. The two were paired and their dark chocolate dessert, which they named Black Forest Floor, was declared the best of the night.

😏😘 @mimi.baines

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Barnes and Foster continue to tease fans on the status of their relationship but they have yet to confirm what is really going on. Just the same, their fans are happy with whatever relationship they have.

Foster was earlier rumored to be gay. According to International Business Times, there were speculations that he is dating Luke Wolfe, stepson of The Real Housewife of Melbourne star Gamble Breaux. Wolfe earlier shared a photo of them together while on vacation in Tasmania.

Barnes finished fifth in MasterChef Australia 2016. Foster, on the other hand, went as far as Top 3. He ranked third behind runner-up Matt Sinclair and winner Elena Duggan.

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