Charlie Sartori was eliminated from “MasterChef Australia” after a nail-biting pressure test. The golfer from Victoria thinks that “MasterChef” was a bittersweet experience and wishes he had pushed himself a bit harder.

Charlie Sartori, Harry Foster, and Elise Franciskovic had to recreate Anna Polyviou’s iconic take on the classic Eton Mess. The 74-step, 8-page recipe known as Anna’s Mess saw Sartori leaving the competition. Even though he is happy to make it to the Top 24, he wishes that he could have worked or studied harder to stay a bit longer in “MasterChef Australia.” informs that Polyviou’s dessert is the most intense pressure test any contestant has faced so far on the show. In fact, last year’s grand finale featured Heston Blumenthal’s dessert which only had 55 steps.

“It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever had to look at — to try and cook and recreate,” said Satori. “I was honestly looking at it thinking ‘I’m pretty sure this is something meant for the finale, not for an elimination episode’ halfway through the competition,” he added.

While all three contestants managed to make the dessert in three hours, they were given extra time to plate it up. However, it was all up to the details when it came down to eliminations, states Pop Sugar Australia.

“Looking at it, it had 74 steps and we had three hours to do it, so we were all a bit scared from the get-go. But that white chocolate tempering was absolute mayhem. I don’t think any of us had done it before,” he said. “I think considering we all did such a great job, I knew that whoever went, we could all hold our head up high because it was only going to be one minor thing that sent someone home,” he added.

However, he didn’t leave the show empty handed. His enthusiasm and resolve to become a pastry chef at the end of the show landed him a work experience opportunity at Anna Polyviou’s kitchens, states Daily Mail. “It’s something I will definitely take up!” he admitted.