Cecilia Vuong said her goodbyes to fellow contestants after being eliminated in “MasterChef Australia” yesterday. The teacher from Victoria, who came across as a nervous wreck earlier, left the show as a more confident cook.

Cecilia Vuong hit the headlines after her parsnip tribute to her son Nathan during the Marco Pierre Week. She was seen trying to cope with being away from her kids. That perhaps affected her performance in the “MasterChef Australia” kitchen.

However, she was able to turn her love for her kids into her greatest strength with a pep talk from one of the judges, states News.com.au. “George really talked to me (saying) that if you want to do something for someone else, then let them be your motivation — but at the same time whatever you are doing in front of you (cooking on MasterChef) is what you need to focus on,” said Vuong.

It helped her breeze through many challenges. She was even appreciated for making three desserts all by herself in the team challenge at Hellenic Republic.

However, the red team had to undergo a blind taste test yesterday, states Daily Mail. The first four to incorrectly identify their food cube were sent to the second round. They had to create a dish using that food item as the main ingredient. According to the Whitsunday Times, Vuong mistook ham for chicken.

“I knew it was a very salty protein and when George (Calombaris) was like ‘hurry up’ I screamed the first protein I could think of,” she said. “If I could have made a dessert then that would have been sweet, pardon the pun, but making something savory with a very salty ingredient was a huge challenge for me,” added Vuong.

Her ham and cheese croquettes with Caprese salad were not enough to keep her in the competition. The judges felt that the main ingredient was overshadowed by the cheeses. Vuong has taken this elimination positively and continues to follow her food dreams. She dreams about having an educational food truck or starting a fairy-themed café.

“Going through this experience had given me confidence. I’ve been receiving messages saying ‘thanks, I’ve gone back into the kitchen because of you’,” said Vuong. “I am becoming an inspiration to other parents. I have this opportunity and I really want to take it,” she added.