“MasterChef Australia” is garnering high ratings in this season’s run on the telly but not everyone is a fan. Sophia Pou, a 2013 “My Kitchen Rules” (MKR) participant, feels that the show is way too focused on food and lacks drama.

Sophia Pou was an MKR contestant in 2013. The contestant recently made a shocking revelation that “MasterChef Australia” doesn’t excite her and she doesn’t watch the show. She blamed the producers for focusing way too much on the cooking skills of the contestants than on their back stories and personalities.

In an opinion piece posted on News.com.au, Pou questions if viewers would watch MKR if it only focused on contestants chopping or cooking delish food. “I highly doubt it. I know I’d be bored as all hell, and to be honest, I wouldn’t last 15 minutes watching a show like that,” said Pou.

She reveals that she does not want to take a dig at “MasterChef Australia.” However, she is tired with the comparisons between “MasterChef” and MKR.

“To me, it’s obvious. One of the things I love about MKR is that not every contestant needs to be great from the start, which is why applicants are not required to cook more than once prior to appearing on the show,” she said. “This is opposed to the ‘MasterChef’ casting process where applicants are required to cook a number of times before qualifying as a contestant,” she added.

Her comments come on the heels of a tedious immunity pin challenge faced by Chloe in yesterday’s episode of “MasterChef Australia.” Daily Mail reveals that she went head to head with professional chef Morgan McGlone. She chose to make a dessert to highlight her core ingredient which was coffee.

Unfortunately, pressure got to her. Even though her dish, a coffee bomb with chocolate sauce and brandy to flambé had the wow factor, her meringues let her down. She lost to chef McGlone’s fried quail with butter-poached cauliflower and red-eye gravy, and also lost her second immunity pin.