“MasterChef Australia” contestants were divided into three teams yesterday in a bid to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. Out of the yellow, red, and blue teams, it was the last one that lost the challenge. The blue team members will face eliminations today.

The teams were tasked to cook two sweet dishes and one savoury dish. They had to sell them to thousands attending the fete in Melbourne. The team to make most money was the winner and the one to make the least was to face eliminations. Unfortunately, the blue team lost. They will face the eliminations heat today.

The day started when the contestants realised they have a big team challenge in store for them. “We have organised on behalf of Nigella, a little MasterChef fete,” announced Gary Mehigan. “And when I say a little fete, it’s not so little because we asked a few thousand of our MasterChef friends to come along,” he added.

International Business Times informs that the judges split the “MasterChef Australia” contestants into three teams:  yellow, red, and blue. Matt Preston then asked them to prepare two sweet and one savoury dishes. But there was a twist! One of the dishes had to feature jam. Based on the rules, Nigella Lawson gave some great tips for the teams to choose their menu.

“You have to make your food instantly appealing and also as someone who has baked for quite a few fetes in my time, you got to think of large batches of food stuff that are small in size so you get maximum bake for your buck. Or is it the other way around, maximum buck for your bake,” told Lawson to the group.

The blue team’s menu consisted of a wonderful frittata with potato and chorizo, a hedgehog, chocolate cupcakes and raspberry jam. However, they failed to make as much or even more cash than the other two teams.  As a result, they will go head to head against one another in eliminations today.

If past Nigella challenges are anything to go by, then they better be prepared in the “MasterChef Australia” kitchen today.