Another culinary hopeful broke down under the pressure of the latest challenge dished out by a young celebrity chef on “MasterChef” Australia.

Anastasia Zolotarev bid goodbye to the “MasterChef” Australia kitchen after an emotional performance during the beet welling test, reported. It would seem she anticipated her own exit from the reality cooking competition.

“I was pretty certain I was going to be eliminated because of the way my dish looked. My pastry was broken and I had to rush my other elements so [I] didn’t follow the recipe (properly). I felt I was going to go home. It was bad,” Anastasia said.

Anastasia panicked as she went through the 62-steps of chef Flynn McGarry’s sophisticated dish. Heather Day, Theresa Visintin, Chloe Bowles also had difficulty with the recipe but it was Anatasia’s first pressure test. Although she had a plan to help her get through the two and a half hour challenge, her anxiety might have gotten the best of her.

“Because it was my first Pressure Test I didn’t have any experience doing it before so I thought the best strategy was to read the recipe to a tee and executive every single point — but that took a while,” Anastasia revealed her plan of attack for the pressure test.

“With about half an hour left to go I started to feel ‘there are so many pages to this recipe’ and couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. I started to feel lost — that I didn’t know what I was doing anymore,” she retold how her plan unraveled towards the end. “MasterChef” Australia judge George Calombaris stepped in once Anastasia looked visibly emotional to carry on, Mail Online reported.

“Look at me Get it together. Do you hear me? Right? You’re not going to let this go, are you? So, stop crying. You don’t need a recipe. Just use a bit of intuition now,” Calombaris told her. She managed to put together her dish in time for the judges to taste. However, Anastasia received the bad news that she expected early on.

“Anastasia, to overcome that panicked plating, everything needed to be perfect. Your Beet Wellington tasted great, you were generous with the duxelles and the pastry was excellent and flaky. But the filling of your beet-leaf ball was too salty. And that’s why, I’m sorry, Anastasia, you’re going home,” Matt Preston of “MasterChef” Australia revealed.