Malaysian Marcus Low will battle Singaporean contestant Woo Wai Leong tonight in the Grand Finale of MasterChef Asia.

But before the crowning of the first ever “MasterChef Asia” winner, let have a closer look at Marcus. Here are some facts about the Malaysian grand finalist.

1. Marcus is a 24-year-old banker from Kuala Lumpur.

2. He studied in Melbourne, Australia and ”MasterChef” Australia is his favorite show.

3. According to his official bio on MasterChef Asia website, Marcus’ finds inspiration in established chefs, modern and molecular cuisine, and prides himself on his skills to pair ingredient. He also hopes that “MasterChef” Asia will be his stepping stone to the culinary world. He wants to establish a name for himself.

4. Low’s dream is to bring Malaysian cuisine to the forefront in the culinary world.

5. In an interview with, Marcus revealed that his favorite meal to prepare are desserts and he is really good at it. “Something that melts in the mouth but has a crunchy element, a sour element and different colors,” he said. That explains why the “MasterChef” Asia judges dubbed him as “Dessert King.”

6. Marcus knows how to do magic. Aside from his passion for cooking, Low said he used to do part-time magic shows. He also enjoys playing the guitar and singing. Marcus also plays football and video games.

7. No judge in “MasterChef” Asia scares him.  “In all honesty, none of them. I did not feel intimidated or scared. Instead, I was looking forward to hearing what the highly qualified judges thought about my food because we are here to be judged as cooks,“ Marcus told when asked who among the judges on the cooking competition scares him the most.

8. Cooking on TV is exhausting. Marcus learned that preparing food while everyone is watching is more difficult that what it seems on TV. “Cooking for this show has given me more respect for the other MasterChef contestants because the challenges that they face seem all right on TV, but now that I have experienced it, I really know how difficult it can really be,” he said.

The grand finale of “MasterChef Asia” airs tonight (Dec 10) at 9 pm on Astro’s Lifetime channel.