Matt Sinclair could be the next MasterChef Australia 2016 winner—at least that is what his co-contestant Trent Harvey thinks.

Harvey was the first home cook to be sent home during the MasterChef Australia finals week after a four-hour marathon cooking.

“Matt was my best mate in the house. We did a lot of cooking together and have a lot of the same interests as far as food goes. You can tell he’s so passionate about it, more so than the other guys I think. He deserves to win,” Harvey said.

In the recent challenge, Harvey, Matt and Mimi Baines were asked to recreate pastry chef Christy Tania’s Mistique cake.

The layered cake was served in a smoke-filled glass dome and was made up of 17 different elements and 65 recipe steps. The dessert is made of several components including a caramel milk chocolate mousse, vanilla marshmallow, passion fruit curd, chocolate crumb and a banana milk chocolate brownie. It also uses two different glazes and is topped with a blue chocolate dome. It also features two types of chocolate that need to be tempered at different heats. Tania, who owns one of Australia’s top patisseries, described her dessert as “terrifying”.

Harvey admitted that when he first saw Tania’s Mistique, he was scared that he could not replicate it.

The judges were most impressed by Mimi’s cake. Her tempered chocolate was perfect. Matt also received good reviews for his presentation and brownie. However, his runny curd was criticized.

The judges disapproved Trent’s dish for having too much marshmallow but minimal passion fruit. He was eliminated at the end.

Trent is currently working at Local Press Café in Canberra, Australia and plans to open his own cafe next year. He is also finishing his e-cookbook, noted.

Meanwhile, Elena Dugan was the first to secure a spot in the finals of Season 8. Who will join her in the finale? Will it be Mimi or Matt?

MasterChef Australia returns on Tuesday at 7:30 pm on Channel 10.