Looks like there is a major game publisher that is not happy that their games were being used for political campaigns for the coming presidential election in America: Mass Effect 2. The person who used them as part of his campaign was Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

According to GameSpot, Trump used a fan-made video and posted it on his Twitter account where the said video contains footage from Mass Effect 2 and audio clips from the Illusive Man, a character played by Martin Sheen in the game.

The said fan video was titled “Trump Effect,” where aside from gameplay footage from Mass Effect 2. It also features videos of other politicians, including Barack Obama, Ben Carson and Hillary Clinton. Trump’s voice can also be heard in the video where he also used the Illusive Man’s audio speech out of context: “We’re at war, and might be all that stands between humanity and the greatest threat of our brief existence.”

Electronic Arts has already taken action and removed the said video from YouTube and also on Twitter on copyright claims. It has a policy where their assets cannot be used for political gain. A senior communications representative also left a message where he stated: “The video was an unauthorized use of our IP, we do not support our assets being used in political campaigns.”

Game designer for Mass Effect Manveer Heir spoke against the video, even calling it gross and even pointed out that Trump did not even realized or even care that the Illusive Man character that he used on his video was actually a villain of the series, or in other words a bad guy.

Meanwhile, EA and Bioware are busy developing the upcoming Mass Effect game: Mass Effect: Andromeda.