A new leak has arrived for the gaming community. This time, the leak surrounds “Mass Effect: Andromeda”, an upcoming game with limited details available.

According to a report by Tech Times, the leak came from a video put together based on information shared to mods of Mass Effect’s Reddit.

The website reports that based on the said leak, gameplay of “Mass Effect: Andromeda” will feature two squad mates, characters will be equipped by jet packs that will enhance exploration of alien terrain and that the omnitool will have more uses.

Express also mentions that additional details from the leak suggest the following:

“Destructible cover is reportedly a feature in the game, along with the main character being referred to as ‘the pathfinder’.”

Express also reports that “Mass Effect” 4 will feature a new and much larger ship than the Normandy which will be capable of space travel.

Other details from the leak were also listed by Techno Buffalo as follows:

  • Story revolves around finding a new home for humanity and other races

  • New ship travel system (Instead of the old galaxy map) where you manually fly the ship

  • Enemies (the main opposing force I assume) are bipedal cross between Vorcha and Collectors

  • The (non-human) enemies drop into combat from Cerberus ships (I would assume a placeholder, but if it’s not then it gets interesting)

  • One of the antagonists is a human soldier with armor similar to yours but without N7 insignia

Metro reports that outside of the leak, the only things that have been confirmed about the upcoming game from BioWare and EA is that the galaxy will be set in the Andromeda, planetary exploration is a major focus in the game and Commander Shepard will not be featured.

Still, despite the promising details revealed by the leak, Techno Buffalo and the other sources agree that the information shared should only be treated as mere speculation for now.

“Mass Effect: Andromeda” is slated for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in the second half of 2016.