“Mary Poppins 2” is reported to return after 54 years. The iconic film, originally starred in by Julie Andrews, is scheduled for a 2018 release date.

Many “Mary Poppins” fans are excited for its coming. Rumors say that the upcoming film will be led by Emily Blunt, who will obviously be the new “Mary Poppins.”

According to Cinema Blend, the film will be titled “Marry Poppins Returns” instead of plain “Mary Poppins 2” or “Mary Poppins Sequel.”

Remaking the film is said to be part of Disney’s big project on remaking old films to cater to audiences of all ages.

In fact, they thought about planning to produce live-action adaptation of the classic Disney cartoons, too. “Beauty and The Beast” in 2017, for example.

The report said that “Mary Poppins Returns” will be set during Depression-era London, where Mary will be reunited to her fully grown Jane and Michael Banks who already have three kids.

They both needed Mary and her powers as well as her perspective, magic and love to cope with personal loss.

Emily Blunt might be with Lim-Manuel Miranda, the new character named Jack, who was originally the role of Dick Van Dyke’s Bert.

That is, if the actress would say yes after Disney’s efforts to convince her to take the role. Cinema Blend previously reported that the company’s production team wanted Emily Blunt to be “Mary Poppins.”

Talks with the actress have been ongoing yet there were no confirmations from Disney whether or not Blunt has already accepted the offer.  

Miranda, on the other hand, is a successful musical theater actor and writer who created and starred ‘In the Heights’ and ‘Hamilton.’

However, in the film, he will be a chimney sweep with some relationship with the lead character Mary. Blunt and Miranda as a new pair on screen sounds interesting.

The same source also stated that the “Mary Poppins Returns” film will be released on Christmas Day of 2018 to avoid dominating films like “Star Wars” that might be released on the same date.