British actress Emily Blunt is set to play iconic character Mary Poppins in the Disney sequel. Disney has publicly announced a list of their new films for the next four years. The sequel to the celebrated favourite Mary Poppins is one of them.

Blunt has yet to confirm the role. As seen in Gulf News, scheduling of the film and production needs to be determined as Blunt is expecting her second child. However, the actress is keen to take on the role. After her performance in Disney’s “Into the Woods”, it is apparent she would make the perfect Umbrella flying Nanny. The

After her performance in Disney’s “Into the Woods”, it is apparent she would make the perfect umbrella flying Nanny. The Inquisitor applauds Disney on their casting selection. They described Blunt as rosy-cheeked, stern and charismatic. All qualifications deemed for an exceptional Mary Poppins.

Many are celebrating the return of one of Disney’s beloved characters and tale. However, other fans are hesitant that it will live up to the original. The original Mary Poppins received much recognition. Winning five Academy awards and playing set to one of Disneys most celebrated soundtracks. “Spoon full of sugar” and “Chim Chim Cher-ee” are still well known, despite the original film being over half a century old.

Five things to know about the sequel.

  1. The sequel is set 20 years after the original which was during the Depression-era London.
  2. Michael and sister Jane Banks are all grown. The story centres around Michael’s children and the return of their beloved nanny.
  3. New songs will be written by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. Who have won Tony Awards for their songs in ‘Hairspray’
  4. Not a NEW Mary Poppins. PL Travers wrote eight books about the famous nanny. Disney is working based on one of them.
  5. Disney over the last ten years has been implementing strong female leads in their productions. This trend will be followed with the sequel. Mary Poppins is already a famous female lead, her return will highlight Disney’s enthusiasm for strong female character driving their stories plot.

Blunt has both the talent and demeanour to appropriate Julie Andrew’s stunning performance in the original. Nothing short of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” is expected for the sequel.