Marvel comics’ “Cloak and Dagger” has been given a straight-to-series order by Disney-owned network Freeform, reports Variety. The comic books deal with a superhero love story of two interracial characters, one who can emit light daggers and the other who has the ability to engulf others in darkness.

The characters appeared for the first time in “Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man” #64 (March 1982). They were eventually given their own four-issue limited series in 1983 and was written by creator Bill Mantlo, penciled by Rick Leonardi, and inked by Terry Austin. It was so successful that Marvel launched a bi-monthly series in 1985.

In the comics and the animated series, the woman, Tandy Bowen, is depicted in a white skintight leotard while the man, Tyrone Johnson, is portrayed as a dark, hooded figure. According to Variety, the story is about two teenagers “from very different backgrounds who find themselves burdened with their newly acquired superpowers.” They struggle to master those powers while also falling in love with each other, quickly learning “they are better together than apart, but their feelings for each other make their already complicated world even more challenging.”

The characters, created by writer Bill Mantlo and artist Ed Hannigan, are targeted towards young adults though darker elements and mild sexuality is also part of the package. However, seeing as Freeform is owned by Disney, such elements will most likely be watered down a great deal to make it family friendly. As Variety puts it, the TV series will be targeted to the 14-34 age groups.

Marvel Television and ABC Signature Studios will co-produce the series. The search is on for a writer to adapt the comic book property for the small screen.

“Cloak and Dagger” would be the fourth Marvel TV series following “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” which was a spin-off from Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers,” “Agent Carter,” a spin-off of “Captain America.” On the other hand, “Marvel’s Most Wanted,” a spin-off of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” which is currently in development, will have Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood reprising their characters Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter, who are also lovers. Then, a “Captain Britain” TV series is also rumoured to be in the works from Marvel UK.

Freeform already has some experience with fantasy and the supernatural with “Shadowhunters” which is based on “The Mortal Instruments” books by Cassandra Clare. So, a story of two superheroes with superpowers is similar territory. However, whether or not the series looks solid depends on the budget afforded to “Cloak and Dagger” as a lot of special effects will be required to show the two lovers using their powers of light and darkness.

The show will air in 2017.