Dutch DJ Martin Garrix has released a new track and it sounds like he has been up all night playing video games to find inspirations in making the song.

According to a statement sent to Billboard, Garrix did the song in collaboration with YouTube for a major video gaming expo in Los Angeles.

“I am so honored to team up with YouTube and play a part in celebrating the future of the video game industry at E3,” Garrix said.

In the video, Garrix has also confessed that video games played a big role in the production of some of his tracks.

“Video games definitely inspired some of my music,” he said. “I love playing ‘Mario Kart.’ It’s one of my favorite games — a very simple but very fun game. I would love to team up with a video game one day to do a soundtrack.”

Garrix was last seen hanging out with pop star Justin Bieber, sparking collaboration rumors.

“Oops” will serve as the theme for the 12-hour “YouTube Live at E3” program during the Electronic Entertainment Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

In other news, according to Yahoo TV, renowned video game publisher Electronic Arts will be showing a teaser of three upcoming games set in the “Star Wars” universe at the expo.

One of these games will be a new version of “Star Wars Battlefront” inspired by the most recent film in the franchise “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” by DICE and Motive Studios, an original action-adventure game by Visceral Games and a third person action game by Respawn Entertainment.

Jade Raymond, general manager of Motive Studios, has praised all the game developers working on the upcoming games.

“They’re channeling their talent and passion to bring you all-new experiences that will span many corners of the ‘Star Wars’ universe,” she said

Listen to “Oops” by Martin Garrix in the video below.