Married at First Sight season 4 premieres tonight with six new contestants who will be taking the wedding vows right in front of the camera. This season of FYI reality series has chosen Miami as its base. Who should you root for in Married at First Sight season 4? Here are some suggestions.

The Experienced Matchmakers

Married at First Sight season 4  has two new experts named Pastor Calvin Robertson and Rachel DeAlto. Robertson is a licensed marriage counselor whereas the latter is a communication and relationship expert.

They are replacing Dr. Joseph Cilona and Dr. Logan Levkoff from the previous season.  Judging from their experiences, Robertson and DeAlto will help to pair the participants. The fans can expect that the new set of experts will succeed in making compatible couples.

The Logical Bride

One of the six contestants, Miami native Sonia Granados, had been a fan of the show since Season 1. By profession, Sonia is a social worker. Despite her apprehensions, the 33-year-old agreed to wed a stranger on Married at First Sight season 4. Since she is pretty aware of the guidelines of the show, we can hope that Sonia will continue her on-screen marriage even after the show.

Initially, she thought she was going to end up with someone much older but things turned out to be a pleasant surprise when she saw her groom. Why did Sonia Granados chose Married at First Sight to find her soul mate?

In her words: “I’m 33 and I’ve dated every type of guy there is. I thought I’m doing something totally wrong … why not let people who are experts do this for me since I’m clearly not good at it.”

The Daring Groom

Another contestant called Tom  Wilson was  not aware of this TV reality until  the show-runners reached out to him and invited him to a casting call for a ‘dating show’ after they found him on Facebook. Most of the men at the casting call ran away when they discovered that they have to say ‘I do’ to a complete stranger in front of the camera, reports Daily Mail Online.

Although his biggest fear is not being paired with someone like-minded, Wilson chose to stick around. The 29-year designer felt he had nothing to lose.  Thus, if the TV marriage works well, his partner will be the most precious possession of his life. And Tom Wilson’s success story will also restore people’s faith in matrimonial-reality like Married at First Sight.

Check out the Official Trailer of Married at First Sight Season 4:

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