Tonight marked the third season’s end of ‘Married At First Sight’ and fans are already excited for another season. Is the series just going to be a fly by?

According to Inquisitr, many have taken a liking to the show ‘s exciting concept of marrying someone you know nothing about. Two strangers are made to marry despite the fact that they know nothing about each other. Their challenge is to accept their partners wholeheartedly while slowly getting to learn more about one another. Of course, the husband and wife are not selected randomly since the pairings are chosen based on “scientific matchmaking.” Add that to the spice of being seen on live television, it is a perfect formula for an exhilarating new adventure in romance.

Only one couple was able to weather the storm of marriage in Season 3. This is a challenge for the TV show to have more successful newlyweds which pave the way for another season.

Although there was no official announcement, FYI has already started casting for ”Married At First Sight” Season 4. In a report made by Bustle, the selection of the candidates started last fall. This further validates the existence of a succeeding season.

The setting for the upcoming season, this time, is going to be in Miami. Season 3 happened in Atlanta while Season 2 was set in New York.

It appears that the experimental dating is not very successful in terms of getting couples to last together. In Season 1, only two lovers were able to work out their differences and are still with each other’s arms. In Season 2, no pairing was able to brave the elements. “Married At First Sight” need to have another season where more pairings stand triumphant in finding true love.

The lovers will return for the “Married At First Sight” Season 3 reunion night on March 8 on FYI.