Still think you can find love and get “Married at First Sight” on TV? If you are in the Chicago area and want to join this reality show, you might just be in luck. “Married at First Sight” producers will reportedly hold a casting call in Blue Island, Chicago this week.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the show runners of the FYI series will be at the Island Sports Bar and Grill in Olde Western Ave. at 9 p.m. They reportedly hope to meet Chicago residents “interested in marrying strangers” as part of the show’s social experiment. The team is hoping to cast singles “who appear to be between 25 and 40 years old” for the show’s fourth season.

Meanwhile, according to Movie News Guide, the casting team will also try to find participants “living in Miami or nearby.” Whether Season 4 will be primarily shot in Miami or Chicago has yet to be confirmed. However, according to the entertainment news site, show runners might be trying to avoid location-based conflicts among couples this season. In previous seasons, couples have broken up because “they lived or worked in different locations.” The previous season has been shot in Atlanta and New York.

Movie News Guide also reported that we might see a different expert panel in the upcoming season. The show’s resident psychologist, Dr. Joseph Cilona, and sexologist, Dr. Logan Levkoff, have earlier confirmed that they were both leaving the show. Spiritual advisor Greg Epstein has also announced he will not return for season 4. The show’s third season previously ended with reportedly “no couples staying together.”

Are you excited to see who the team has cast for next season? Or are you yourself joining the casting call? No premiere date has been announced for Season 4 of “Married at First Sight.” Stay tuned for updates.