After the surprise “Married At First Sight” finale, Neil Bowlus and Sam Role reunite to talk about their whirlwind run as a married couple and why they made the decisions during the finale.

At the end of the series, Tres Russell and Vanessa Nelson decided to stay together while Bowlus and Role decided to go their separate ways.

During the finale, Role called herself an “evil bitch.”

“I have learned about myself that I was an evil bitch when I first met you and that I did not manage myself properly if it wasn’t for you coming into my life, then I never would have become this better person,” she said.

When Role expressed that she would like to stay married, Bowlus kept quiet for awhile before he said, “For me, there was a strong feeling that I had that something was missing from you, but it was a strong gut feeling that I had, and the big thing that I’ve been swaying on the past week has been the influences of the good, the influences of the bad, and how all that made me feel. I want to get a divorce.”

Bowlus shared in an interview at Real Mr Housewife that he decided to get a divorce because he felt that something was missing. He said, “I ultimately decided to divorce because I felt that something was missing between Sam and I. After weighing the good, the bad and speaking to the experts it was clear that I was missing a deeper connection. I care about Sam, we have a special bond and I am thankful for her.”

He also added that even though they both deeply cared for each other, the two didn’t fall in love in the six weeks of the experiment.

“Love? Absolutely not,” he revealed. “At no point was that word used and at no point were feelings associated with that word were ever shown.”

Role also added that she doesn’t think she was ever in love with Bowlus, “I don’t think I was ever in love with Neil, but I was starting to fall hard for him. I still care about him a lot. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to continue our marriage even to this day.”

Now that the season has come to an end, there are already reports that Marriage at First Sight” will be renewed for another season but with different experts as reported by the International Business Times. Australia is also reported to have a new season but this time, with same-sex couples.