In Part 2 of “Married at First Sight” Season Finale, Neil Bowlus revealed the reasons why he wanted to divorce Sam Role.

Role made it known before that she wants to keep the marriage but Bowlus did not have the same decision, as reported in Inquisitr. This caused the wife to go crying and running out of the room.

In different interviews with The New York Post, Neil and Sam shared their thoughts and feelings about their marriage.

Neil said his final decision was due to a “cumulative experience.” During the time when he felt that Sam was starting to become affectionate, he was ecstatic about how things went but he was unable to “reciprocate those emotions and passionate feelings.”

Throughout the first weeks, Sam displayed poor behaviour towards Neil and this greatly influenced his decision. He does not bear any grudge towards her and is willing to still be friends but that’s all he is capable of providing.

Sam wanted to keep the marriage because she started to like Neil during the last weeks, specifically when the couple went with Sam’s father to the shooting range. She was also left with the impression that Neil was committed seeing that he gave no inclination to the opposite. She knew he had forgiven her and he was happy that she was changing for the better. All these made Sam believe that Neil was really the one she will spend the rest of her life with.

During the Decision Day, Neil felt awful for hurting Sam but it did not cause his decision to change. He believe that it was the “right thing to do” for his happiness. Sam, on the other hand, felt that she deserved the divorce because she treated Neil badly during the earlier weeks.

Today, Neil is grateful to have Sam as a friend while Sam said that she will always care for Neil.

“If anything has changed, it’s that I care about him even more.”