It’s been not even a month and the news of Jono and Clare’s split has emerged. Married at First Sight Episode 5 has probably shown one of the super awkward breakups that ever happened on reality television. We saw how things has just broken between these two—so abruptly with no solid ground.

This cute couple tied a knot on the set of Married at First Sight this season and are going well even though they have many differences. However, their short-lived union faced an unexpected end in last night’s episode of the show, as the pair broke up at dinner while their fellow contestants watched on.

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While fans saw all the couples arriving at Blue Mountains with excitement and joy, Jono and Clare arrived there separately. It’s the first time we have seen them talking to each other since Jono left. Soon it led to another disappointment. Clare then walked off aimlessly into the woods looking for a hollowed out tree trunk to spend the night in.

On the same night, they arrived separately at the dinner party and again the atmosphere became tensed for everyone because of the heated arguments between Jono and Clare.

They then took it indoors to the dinner table where their childish fights continued for an hour. These passive arguments fueled their breakup to a great extent. In the meantime, remembering their good old time, Jono told the others, “Honeymoon was awesome and we were getting on like a house on fire.”

They had a clash and then Clare opened up to air her side.

“I’m 32. I’m looking for something real. I want family, I want children and this entire week I’ve spent one night with Jono. Because he is a ghost husband,” she said. Jono and Clare flared up at each other discussing every tiny specific detail.

Jono kept on appreciating how happy the other couples look and said he’s jealous of what they have. This made Clare’s so annoyed that she bursted out with anger and expressed to Jono,“You are an absolute prick.”

“I’m actually gonna go to the toilet,” Clare exclaimed, getting up from the dinner table and clumping off, reveals News.

Married at First Sight Episode 5 Recap, Jono & Clare Has Super Awkward Breakeup Ever , Jono confirms Seeing Someone

With all these clashes and fights, it seems things are not going to get better anytime soon between Jono and Clare. It’s also been rumored that Jono is cheating on Clare, which he denied for a while. However, all the speculations get confirmed when Jono agreed that he is currently seeing somebody he knew before the show.