“Married At First Sight” Episode 3 has proved to be another blow on romanticism!

What could be more horrifying than having a screaming match in the midst of crocodile in a yellow kayak? Sounds nowhere close to a romantic affair!  Well, this is what our couple Jono and Clare had to face on Monday night’s episode 3 of “Married At First Sight.”

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Acquainted with each other for just about for 24 hours, the couples are seen embarking on romantic tours. Well, while for few the getaways are luxurious, for a few others, they are not. However, there is this couple Jono and Clare who lands in the weirdest deal. It is far from any romantic or luxurious date.

The pair is given the keys to a ’96 Nissan Patrol with a UBD in the glovebox and sent on its way up to dusty Northern Territory, reports News. “I’ve never had this much fun with a female before,” Jono says in a surprising accent.

However, the fun quickly ends the second they squeeze into a yellow kayak and get drove out into a crocodile filled bay. That’s when Jono starts freaking out.

“Stop being a b*tch. Enjoy it,” Clare says to him. “I am enjoying it!” Jone shouts out.

In the beginning it looks like he might just be joking, but he’s not. “Alright, you got your tantrum out?” Clare teases him.

“Do you know why I had a tantrum? Because I can’t just do what I’ve been told to do when I get angry — and that’s walk away from a situation,” he tells her. “So f*ckin’, what the f*ck am I meant to do?”

Clare then asks him to calm down. To keep his cool, she also advises Jono to try a number of light breathing and counting exercises. He nearly hits her across the face with his yellow paddle.

“I don’t like this. And I’m struggling with being told how to deal with it,” he says. “I tell you what, I’ve got f*ck all patience.”

Out of the creek and with hindsight, Jono expresses his concluding thoughts on the situation.  “I was furious. She’s definitely testing my boundaries,” he conveys.

However, the best part the fight has a short life.  Later on, when  Clare picks up a dead snake off the side of the road it makes everything perfect again as they end up making out under a waterfall.  Jono calls it the “best day ever.”

Married At First Sight” continues Tuesday night at 7.30pm on Nine.