Married at First Sight Australia 2016 ended on a high note. Yet it seems not everyone is happy about the show.

A former contestant of the reality TV show went public with her intimate knowledge of what goes on away from the cameras. Clare Verrall was part of season 2. Sadly, her love story did not end well. Fans of the show might recall her falling out with Jono, her husband. Their split during episode 5 earned the distinction of being one of the most awkward breakups telecast. Her wrist injury during a girls’ night out in Melbourne at the time likely did not help boost her spirits.

Since then, Verrall took to social media to air her grievances about the reality TV show. She described it as “highly edited” and looked forward to sharing what really happens throughout the experiment. Indeed, Verrall made true on her promise as she blasted Married at First Sight Australia 2016 during its Tuesday night finale.

She started to bash the show on Twitter and called its ratings’ grab pitiful. Yet towards the end of her rant, Verrall became apologetic, as she might have ruined it for her followers. However, saw no need for her apology since her memes were particularly enjoyable.

Alas, her outburst did not seem to make a difference to the outcome of Married at First Sight Australia 2016. According to TV Tonight, the reality TV show came out ahead of its timeslot. It drew in a record 1.08 million viewers and outdid 800 Words. Thus, it was a big win for Nine whose other shows also did well for the network.

Married at First Sight Australia 2016 featured the first gay couple on the reality TV show. However, the decision received mixed reactions to their inclusion in the social experiment.