Simone Lee Brennan broke off with her “Married at First Sight” husband Xavier during the season finale. The couple, despite their initial chemistry, failed to keep the spark alive. However, Simone had other things on her mind in addition to her relationship with the business development manager from Sydney.

Simone suffers from adult acne. She was worried about her scarring. Being a makeup artist herself, she was scared of what people would say about her skin during her time on the show. Her acne fears were stronger than her fear of getting married to a stranger, reveals Australian Women’s Weekly.

“When I got the call to say I was going on the show, as excited as I was, I called my mum, and said: ‘Mum, what am I going to do about my face?’” revealed Simone.

Simone had a chat with Mamamia where she revealed that her fears worsened when she discovered that the wedding venue was an uncovered one and in bright sunlight. “I was so nervous about my skin being on the TV as shows it up differently and everything is so obvious up close,” she said. “I didn’t know whether it would look worse or better,” she added.

This “Married at First Sight” participant reveals that she opted to do her own makeup because of her skin concerns. Her flawless look attracted a lot of admirers and queries about the products. She has listed the products she used throughout the show in another blog post.

Simone has a beauty blog that covers products, trends, and interviews. The recent post has her sharing her experiences with adult acne. “For most of my early twenties, I had adult acne. Not a pimple here and there; I’m talking severe cystic acne, the type that made my cheeks purple and lumpy and sore,” said Simone’s post. “The same type that made me insecure and lack confidence in everything I did – and, to an extent, still do,” she added.