It took less than a week for the couples to start fighting on Married at First Sight 2016 Australia.

This might not be surprising since the spat between Craig and Andy went down on their wedding day. Viewers would recall Craig inviting his ex. Moreover, he introduced him to his blushing groom. Thus, Andy nearly called off the ceremony. Yet it now appears the incident was to be the first of many disputes to watch out for on Married at First Sight 2016 Australia.

To be fair, some of the matches seemed to be off to a good start, particularly Mark and Monica as well as Nicole and Keller. Both pairs spent time in the water, and by the looks of it, Nicole and Keller were feeling the honeymoon vibe. Meanwhile, Mark and Monica looked inspired by Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s paddleboard ride. Sans the nudity, of course.

Alas, the three remaining couples had a different honeymoon experience. Each pair had their respective woes. Of the three, Michael and Bella’s dilemma could be the least traumatic. Then again, Bella might disagree as Michael’s revelation caught her off guard. As it turns out, Michael is a daddy to a six-year-old boy. It would be interesting to see how their relationship moves forward after his surprise.

The reality show’s first same-sex couple still appeared uneasy. While Craig might be feeling his new groom, Andy has his reservations. This is a fact not lost on Craig, who left their honeymoon compound, suitcases and all. Apparently, Craig is not sure if Andy is the one for him.

Yet the worst fight of the episode went to Dave and Jess. Their trip to Byron Bay was not what either seemed to hope for. Dave thwarted every attempt of Jess to connect with him. They shared a romantic dinner date, spent time at the Zen spa and took surfing lessons together. Jess maintained her cool amidst Dave’s coldness through it all. Yet her will to win him over broke as he failed the chivalry test when she asked him to carry her surfboard. Thus, he could be the “biggest jerkwad” ever on reality TV, wrote.

What happens next on Married at First Sight 2016 Australia?