Married at First Sight Australia, which was going pretty well with the audience, now seems to be engulfed in controversy. The show included same-sex couple for the first time in this season and the announcement received utterly negative feedback from people.

 It included extensive rage among people who are questioning how a same-sex couple could get married on a reality show before that is possible in real life. Why is everyone hating Andy and Craig, the gay couple of the show? How they are responding to it? Here is the report.

Being targeted with severe abuse, Andy and Craig have now become defensive about themselves publicly. Recently an editorial by Huffington Post Australia accused the duo of setting back the marriage equality cause. The writer of the editorial stated that she rejects the idea of celebrating same-sex marriages on Australian television until one can celebrate them in real life.

Married at First Sight Australia

In an interview with The Age, Craig said, “There’s been a lot of negative comments about us setting the movement back. It’s a gay wedding on Australian television – they should be rejoicing, not hating on us for doing it.”

The writer of the Huffington Post’s said editorial further debated saying, “Craig and Andy may have, by their own admission, gone on the show to have a personal “experience” with this “experiment” but what they have so successfully achieved by participating is making queer couples look just as ridiculous as the other misguided — straight — contestants.”

Perhaps, one can’t deny that the show might make Craig and Andy appear absurd; however, we need to understand that it’s the prime focus of reality TV.  They entered the show appearing as silly as the straight couples (contestants), who take part in the show to get into sham marriages under the disguise of a ‘social experiment’. Neither Married At First Sight Australia nor its first gay couple Craig and Andy set back the marriage equality cause, justifies Pedestrian.

What do you think who should be blamed for setting back the marriage equality cause? Should one hate Married at First Sight Australia for introducing first gay couple in its season? What is your take on gay marriage in Australia? Share your views below.